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[sticky post] Follow-up to Dreamwidth mirror site

Apr. 18th, 2017 | 08:40 pm
posted by: perverse_idyll in snarryficfind


The import of all posts, comments, and tags has just been completed. The Dreamwidth Snarryficfind is live and contains all available posts prior to this date. After this point, there may be some drift because there's no crossposting function between this community and its DW mirror.

If you want to join the community on Dreamwidth, don't hesitate to apply. I'll accept you. If you just want to poke your nose in and see how you feel about it, come on over and visit.

Snarryficfind on Dreamwidth

The journal style is different, but otherwise I expect you'll feel right at home. See you there!

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Can't remember the title.

May. 18th, 2017 | 10:13 am
posted by: themadrawgabbit in snarryficfind

I'm pretty sure I was reading this fic on ao3, but I can't remember the title of it.
I know the story had Harry trying to get closer to Snape, but Snape rejects all of his advances. Harry was also at Hogwarts (pretty sure he was a professor). George then gives Harry something that he used to cope with Fred's death, and when Harry uses it there's a clone of Snape. Harry gets obsessed with this Snape and refuses to come out of his room and Snape notices that Harry stopped asking him out for months. Snape goes up to Harry to confront him and then the story starts to progress into a happy ending.

Does anyone remember what this fic was called?

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A Not Quite So Secret Admirer by willidan + another fic

May. 17th, 2017 | 09:46 pm
posted by: lira_snape in snarryficfind

I was Scrolling through Snarry Holidays, searching for my newest fix on post-DH-fics.
I found this story that looks cute but unfortunately the link is broken. Anyone know of a place this is still archived or could send a copy to me?

1) A Not Quite So Secret Admirer, for stormypups
Title: A Not Quite So Secret Admirer
Author: willidan
Giftee: stormypups
Word Count: 17,106
Rating: Adult (NC-17)
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Warnings: DH minus the Epilogue
Disclaimer: I’m not JKR and never will be.
Summary: Harry has a secret admirer that is driving him a bit crazy.

( A Not Quite So Secret Admirer )
Tags: fic, post-dh: ewe, rated: nc-17

My email: lira_lyndriel@yahoo.com

Thank you!

2) I found this one also:
Snape survives the final battle, but Harry believes him to be dead. What will happen when they meet nineteen years later? Read to find out. Explores the lives of Harry and Severus post Deathly Hallows and how their friendship unfolds.

Unfortunately this is a site where it's absolutely impossible to copy-paste or download the fic (which means there is no way for me to read it on my Kindle). Anyone knows of another place this is archived?

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Magical wills

May. 15th, 2017 | 11:03 pm
posted by: sortofadisaster in snarryficfind

Ok so while reading A Desperate Cry For Help by vernie_klein the Will in that story reminded me of one I had read in another story. She gave credit for inspiration for that chapter to Virtu Contro a Furore by HecatesKiss, but the Will in that story isn't the one I'm thinking of either. The story is most likely snarry with a tiny chance it's drarry. It's a manipulative Dumbeldore story where Lily and James's Will's were sealed, possibly Sirius's Will as well. The main point of the Will is that Dumbledore is to have no control over anything and Harry is Not to be placed with Petunia Dursley. The Will says Not Dumbledore many times and Lily's is very specific about Petunia not getting Harry. I believe there are also heir rings and lordship rings and pure blood tradition stuff. Does anyone know what story I am thinking of, it is driving me crazy. I'm looking through all my saved stuff but skimming for just a Will is hard. Help, please!

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Bond fic

May. 8th, 2017 | 05:38 pm
posted by: zeldt in snarryficfind

I could've sworn I had this fic saved SOMEWHERE, but apparently I do not and no longer remember the name nor author! I've Googled as best as I could, as well as looked through some of the other posts here, to no avail. I would have read it either on FF.net or AO3, but I'm starting to wonder if it is no longer online. Hopefully someone can help me!

Here's my vague memories of it:
1) Harry and Snape are bonded somehow, I cannot remember if it is by accident or forced
2) Regardless, neither one is initially happy about it at all but of course later the fic is Snarry
3) Takes place while Harry is still a student at Hogwarts
4) They have some kind of magical bond, and I believe I remember them having side effects of not being physically nearby / touching (i.e. maybe headaches after long periods of being apart, and having to sit next to each other / cuddle to remedy it?) (I think maybe Harry would come study/read in Snape's rooms and maybe cuddle on the couch? This may be two different fics merging in my head though lol)
5) I think they may have had some kind of telepathic connection as well, but I can't remember if it was actual telepathic communication, or just "feeling" emotions of each other
6) Probably mature rating for later chapters
7) Multi-chapter, probably fairly long

Sorry my memories on it are fuzzy, but hopefully this rings a bell for someone!

Side note: While searching for this fic, I've seen multiple mentions of "Double-Sided Coin" by (I think) "thecookiemomma" or "sunsaralyn", but I can't seem to find it to check it out and/or confirm if it is the fic I'm looking for. If someone has a copy, I'd really appreciate it if they'd be willing to send it to me! <3

Second fic:

This one is SUPER vague and I'm not as worried about finding it or not since I remember so little. Literally the only thing I can think of is that Harry was some kind of magical creature? I can't remember at all what kind though... I'm thinking something along the lines of a Veela (humanoid), but I don't believe it was actually Veela... I want to say there was some kind of bonding in this fic as well, but I may be getting mixed up now. If anyone wants to throw random "Harry is actually a magical creature" recommendations at me, I'd love to read them!

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Secret pregnancy

May. 6th, 2017 | 09:49 pm
posted by: ellannor in snarryficfind

Hi guys.

I am looking for specific fic. Harry is raped by his uncle during summer and ends pregnant. He keep it secret from everyone and only Luna and house elfs know somehow. It's sixth year AU where Harry is prefect instead of Ron and adopts the first year boy because his father shoots rest of his family. I think Snape acts as somekind of therapist for Harry and the boy. It becomes snarry in epilogue.

Please help I looked everywhere but am unable to find it.

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harry has house

May. 3rd, 2017 | 08:52 pm
posted by: hogwartsgrad81 in snarryficfind

harry has a breakdown and he goes to a house that ron's dad helped him get.
hermione and ron are secret keepers
harry is in love with severus
remus is there as well
harry had invested money
harry also has booze everywhere

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Fic find

Apr. 30th, 2017 | 11:56 am
posted by: veracityrules in snarryficfind

I was wondering if anyone can help finding a Fic I have forgotten the names of/lost in the midst of time.

1) a hurt and comfort fix, angst, jealously, other pairings fix. Severus and Harry are in love but are not together. Harry hands in his notice to quit hogwarts as a member of staff during a meeting with Dumbledore.
He had seen Severus with an older man somewhere outside the castle and realised he was getting nowhere and was constantly hurting because of unrequited love.
They end up fighting and harry throws a drunk Severus out and then he comes back sober and they talk and they get together. Happish ending.

ss/omc, drunk severus

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Driving me crazy!!

Apr. 28th, 2017 | 02:17 pm
posted by: michixx in snarryficfind

Hello! Im looking for a fic, and is killing my brain that i cant find it!
Readed that thing a looooooooooooong time ago...

Here is what i remember:

Almost 100% sure that it was snarry
Harry was living on hiw own and suffering from really bad migraines
I think he run put of the potion he needed, so he went to a local potions shop, and severus was the owner... i kinda remember Draco there, maybe he was at the front of the shop while severus brewed everything.

The first time he went there he was in a really bad state, and the shop didnt have the potion, it was one of those things they made just for certain people and beforehand, he eventually passed out while SN maked the potion specially for him...

He somehow ended working and living in the second floor of the shop..

Something was causing the migraine and doing stuff to his magic power.

Thats pretty much all i remember.

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Puppet Show?

Apr. 24th, 2017 | 06:04 am
posted by: simply_krista in snarryficfind

Oh this is just driving me crazy...I need to find it or my head will explode lol. So the other day I remembered a scene from a fic that included Harry staying at Hogwarts (during Christmas?) and giving tours and puppet shows to the younger children. I'm sure it's one that is well known - I probably have it bookmarked even - I just can't place the scene. Help!!

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