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Searching for a Fic.

Jul. 26th, 2016 | 04:02 am
posted by: fercita in snarryficfind

I know I read it at InsaneJournal. And I'm almost 100% sure it was for a Snarry-a-Thon. I just don't remember which one.

The only thing I remember is that Harry is pursuing Severus, but he is also a little bit of a slut. One of the people that stood out because he slept with them were Lucius and Neville. Overall he just likes spreading love around lol I think he even slept with Ron, Hermione and Luna, but I'm not completely sure about that.

The story is not novel-lenght, but it has a nice size (still kinda short).

That's pretty much all I remember: it's a snarry, Harry likes to sleep around (not "sleeping with half the wizarding population" kind, just sleeping with plenty of his friends, but again his dawlings with Lucius and Neville stood out, merely because they were kinda surprising to read them, but they were actually just mentioned in passing mostly). It's quite a light read too. Nothing sombre or dark or angsty. It's a little bit cracky, maybe. But not full crack. 

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Animula by Redrum

Jul. 24th, 2016 | 11:08 pm
posted by: lindsayhart83 in snarryficfind

Does anyone have a complete copy of Animula? If someone has it, I would very much appreciate it if you could email it to me at Lindsay.hart1983@gmail.com

Thank you!

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Help please!

Jul. 23rd, 2016 | 11:32 pm
posted by: squirrelnugget1 in snarryficfind

I have a few stories that I'm looking for. Apologies in advance for my less than stellar descriptions of them:

1) Harry is pregnant at some point in this fic, I think he and Snape are prisoners to Voldemort and Harry is forced to break up with Snape by Voldemort, I'm pretty sure there's an happy ending

2) Harry and Snape bond (?) and Harry allows himself to be captured and convinces Voldemort to rape (have sex with him) which causes Voldemort's demise

3) Harry and Snape are cursed and I think they are turned into animals (or were already animals) and (one might be nocturnal) are never able to be together since they are always like ships passing in the night. They might have a few moments before sunrise/fall? (For some reason I feel like they are living in a tent in the woods)

4) Snape is dying/died and another Snape comes from another realm/universe with no knowledge of his and Harry's prior relationship. Harry asks Snape to just spend an few hours with him each day, Snape thinks that Harry was having an affair but it was really dying Snape that brings someone else in to have sex with Harry since he is too weak. (Imposter) Snape also forces himself onto Harry at some point in the story.

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Fic search - disguised!Harry

Jul. 23rd, 2016 | 07:43 pm
posted by: blinded_hp in snarryficfind

Hi there!

I'm looking for fics where Harry falls in love with Severus while he is in disguise (thus Severus doesn't know it is Harry he is with).

Fics like:
All I crave is a normal life by cazgirl
R for later chapters. (HarSev) Harry has defeated Voldemort at great personal loss and has fled the wizarding world. Circumstances force him to return and he must face all that he left behind, including his greatest enemy - and his greatest fear.

Ghost of a Memory by Phoenix Boy
HPSS. After killing Voldemort, Harry leaves the wizarding world for a few years before joining the university under a different name. Now he returns to teach at Hogwarts. COMPLETE!

The Apple Tree by Philo
Harry returns for his seventh year determined to change the status quo. A tale of romance, betrayal, initiative and derring-do!

Although not quite what I'm looking for, I will also accept fics similar to For Services Rendered by Quill Lumos
Harry Potter has been missing since childhood, Voldemort is on the rise again, a young Tom Riddle was resurrected when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and a child died, the prophecy says that only The Chosen One can defeat him, but where is he?......

I will also accept recommendations for fics where Severus is the one in disguise - please just put a warning if Severus is the bottom/submissive partner, I prefer Harry to be the submissive one.

Can anyone please tell me where/when the next snarry fic fest will be? I have a prompt I would like to leave... ;)

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Jul. 21st, 2016 | 10:28 pm
posted by: imibimibum in snarryficfind

Please suggest some snarry that has abused Harry and A Severus who only finds out about the abuse after they get married or he hast to look after Harry for one reason or another.
Thanks beforehand.

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Runaway Harry

Jul. 20th, 2016 | 06:13 pm
posted by: mrit_4 in snarryficfind

Hi everyone,

I just finished reading The Changer by Vingilot (again) and I'm looking to read more fics like that, where Harry runs away from the Dursleys pre-Hogwarts and is later found by Severus or someone else from the magical community. Does anyone have any recs?


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Unique Version of Prison

Jul. 18th, 2016 | 01:33 am
location: Dead on my Feet
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posted by: sanfuturo in snarryficfind

I'm trying to find a post-Voldemort war II story in which instead of Azkaban, the prison system is miniaturized - and so are the prisoners! - so the ministry can keep lots of DEs in a small space, and have better control of them, like animals in cages.
In the story, Harry is in charge of Snape, and is quite perverse with him. Being a prisoner, Snape can't refuse any of Harry's advances or orders. I think Harry also threatens to kill him on several occasions.
Thanks for any assistance in finding it!

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Author Harry

Jul. 16th, 2016 | 10:17 am
posted by: cynical_smutt in snarryficfind

Looking for a fic. Harry and Tom riddle break up and he starts to write the Harry Potter books in revenge. The one scene I can remember is Snape Is giving his usual 1st year speach and the class starts to say it with him, pretty sure it ends up with Snape/Harry at the end.

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heat wave

Jul. 15th, 2016 | 11:00 pm
posted by: majmunka in snarryficfind

I hope you can help me, folks :)
I don't remember much (it's quite possible that there isn't much to remember, really :D ) but it's summer and for some reason Harry must stay at Hogwarts for the hols. He spends his time helping Hagrid and the teachers and getting lessons from Snape. There's a heat wave and a bucket of ice cubes and smut in the Astronomy tower with Snape... Might be chan.
Any idea?

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Walking the Plank Update

Jul. 11th, 2016 | 10:34 am
posted by: torino10154 in snarryficfind

I wanted to say thank you to those who've made donations to Walking the Plank since our announcement last week. It'll be a good year before we bother you again. *g*

That said, the donate button at WTP is working again and we won't say no to anyone who would still like to contribute. ;)

Thanks again for your generosity!

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