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carousel ponies? and general request(s)

Sep. 29th, 2016 | 11:17 am
posted by: februaryfinds in snarryficfind

1) I'm trying to find a specific snarry fic I read some years ago that I remember really enjoying, where Snape was painting (possibly refurbishing?) carousel ponies? Not an au, I think it was post war. My memory is telling me he was in Spain, but that part could really easily be false.

Any recollections?

2) I just finished Learning by spark of chaos (I know I know I am so many decades behind) and I was wondering if anyone has any other recs where Snape tutors Harry in survival and/or torture (bonus points if he puts the knowledge to use). Happy endings preferred.

3) if anyone has a copy of the tea and coffee series they wanna send my way me email is februaryfindsyou@gmail.com and I'd be very much appreciative.

Thanks <3

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Snape, a restaurant owner

Sep. 28th, 2016 | 09:06 pm
posted by: kiso22 in snarryficfind

Hi All,

I'm looking for a specific fic, where Snape owns a restaurant which is very exclusive and trendy. He wants to court Harry, but goes about it in a kinda strange way I think. He invites (orders?) Harry to his restaurant and I think he insults him also and Harry of curse takes offens. It comes to him as a grate surprise that Snape actually likes him and wants to woo him with his crazy culinary skills. That's all I can remember.

Does this ring any bells?

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Severus cheats to hurt Harry

Sep. 27th, 2016 | 10:26 pm
posted by: taynney in snarryficfind

I spent the last few days reading The Apple Tree by Philo and found myself needing more of "that" scene, the one in which Severus leans over Harry in potions smelling of another man, and Harry is devastated.

Can you rec me more of the same? Stories with quality writing and plots are preferred. Novel length is life. But anything with Severus cheating on Harry to hurt him.

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Harry fancies/wants Severus or other way around?

Sep. 26th, 2016 | 11:37 pm
posted by: magicalthings in snarryficfind

title says it all really, can you please rec me your favourites or any snarry you know where Harry fancies or wants Severus or Severus fancies or wants Harry and has snarry ending, it can have as much angst as you want so long has it has a happy ending can be during the war or after it can be snarky Severus creature Harry or Severus mpreg I a not fussed on any of those just ask it is like the title has snarry and happy ending, Thank you :)

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Two fics, please!

Sep. 24th, 2016 | 12:45 am
posted by: gilchroz in snarryficfind

Hello again!!

I hope you can help me find these two fics:

1.- It's a short PWP. Harry and Severus are in the Potions Classroom and Harry does something wrong and so Severus starts 'punishing' him. It had a D/s tone, and the scene I remember has Severus using a glass vial/test tube/glass pestle? instead of a dildo. The whole time Harry is afraid it's going to break inside of him [Spoiler (click to open)]but in the end Severus tells him, somehow mockingly, that he had put an Unbreakable charm on it before starting.

2. This one is also a short PWP with D/s tones. I think Harry was never allowed to touch Severus while they were having sex and they met only for f***ing. When the story begins Harry is waiting for Severus in his quarters at Hogwarts and, when he arrives, he orders Harry on the bed and the action starts but Harry realizes it's a bit different than all the other times (I don't remember how). In the end, [Spoiler (click to open)]Severus tells Harry that if he has any misgivings about their arrangement or feels they should change something, he should tell Severus, not Hermione and we learn that he must have overheard Harry telling Hermione he wanted something more. Harry then asks if he can stay and Severus, though surprised, says yes.

Thanks a lot!!

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Looking for a story

Sep. 20th, 2016 | 07:16 pm
posted by: stephy2301 in snarryficfind

Hello. I remember reading a while ago a Snarry story. Here is what I remember: At Godric Hollows, James was the only one who died, and Lily married Severus. But Sev develops feelings for Harry later, and they begin a relationship, after Severus broke up with Lily, I remember Albus being supportive. Lily was really awful in this story. I think that she even stole Harry to USA to make him miserable (?). I remember a trial too.
I hope you guys can help me. I really would like to read it again

Edit: Found it! http://archiveofourown.org/works/3920059

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Sep. 20th, 2016 | 12:43 am
posted by: hayyel1 in snarryficfind

Hey Guys, Im Back Again :) This Time Im Looking For Fics Where One Of The Boys Asks The Other One To Help Woo Someone Else, But Along The Way They Fall For Each Other.

Another Request Would Be Fics Where There Are Multiple People Wooing Either Harry Or Severus, In A Sort Of Contest.

Happy End Is A Must, But Dont Mind A Bit Of An Angst Until We Get There. :)


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Voldy is Harry´s father/mentor?

Sep. 19th, 2016 | 03:12 pm
posted by: stephy2301 in snarryficfind

Hi. I just reread The Ripple Effect on HPFandom and I wonder if there are another fics where Voldemort and Harry have a close relationship. I would like it to be Snarry, but really any fic would be good, I couldn´t find many fics like that. I don´t like Dark Harry, insane Tom, and I would like Tom to treat Harry well. A good (at least to Harry) Tom would be perfect.

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Painless j

Sep. 18th, 2016 | 06:54 pm
posted by: princesslokitty in snarryficfind

What happened to painless J rec lists :O the website is down !

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Dark fic - Harry is captured by Voldemort

Sep. 16th, 2016 | 06:38 am
posted by: annescriblerian in snarryficfind

I am looking for a dark!fic where Harry is captured during the war and is mentally tortured.

Nothing is what it seems in this fic, and almost anything I could say to describe it would be a spoiler.

Two details:

There is a girl trapped in a tank of water at one point.
Severus has a friend from America who is also a master legilimens.

Thank you -


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