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Dec. 22nd, 2014 | 06:39 am
posted by: triceybabe in snarryficfind

Im looking for a very old fic. It was a 3some with Ron. I dont remember if there was actually sex though. The three where in a snowglobe where Dumbledore had put them and was sharing a bed. I was also wondering if yall can rec your fave classic 3some fics. Thank you!

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Lily bonds Harry to Severus FOUND

Dec. 19th, 2014 | 10:39 pm
posted by: lygtemanden in snarryficfind

It's a bit vague but there are a couple of things I remember about this fic I'm looking for.

First, Harry is bonded to Severus by his parents, when they die he ends up living with the Weasleys but all the adults know about the bond so Severus visits a lot.
Second, Harry goes to Beaubatton, not Hogwarts, there is a bit of a kink with his uniform as he grows older.
Third, Ginny believes that she is to bond with Harry, and she has a breakdown when she discovers that he is already bonded with Severus, the Weasleys think that he may have encouraged her, but believe him when he says that he didn't.
Fourth, there is something about Sirius, he is sick in some way (that may be another fic).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give and Merry Christmas!

Of course it is the Penguin story "Tears of the Sun" by Eriador117. There is s link to the story on AO3 in the comments as well!

PS feel free to suggest tags, I'm pants at them!

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Harry/Weasley Fake Relationship

Dec. 19th, 2014 | 12:23 am
posted by: simply_krista in snarryficfind

I know I've read this a million times - but this one part just sticks out and I have no idea which story it belongs to lol. Harry and Snape are in a relationship while still at Hogwarts so Harry and one of the Weasley twins fake a keep people off track I guess. I'm going to kick myself when I know what story it is because I should know it! :) Thanks!

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a rescue fic similar to the previous entry

Dec. 18th, 2014 | 01:57 pm
posted by: seizansha in snarryficfind

hecates_kiss was looking for a fic where Harry was caught and Snape had to force himself on Harry to save him from the other Death Eaters. she found the fic she was looking for but it reminded me of a different one that i can't find now.

i'm almost certain it was a chapter fic and started from Snape's pov when Voldemort calls the meeting. Voldie revealed they'd captured Harry and sets up an impromptu dueling tournament on who gets a chance at Harry first, Bellatrix even got involved. Snape fought extra dirty so he'd be first and dragged an already beaten Harry into another room so they were alone, he shot him with a few Curios to make his injuries worse and another spell so it only looked like he'd violently raped Harry. or course he was rescued not long after, but no one believed Snape when he said he did not actually rape Harry. i think only one or two did after Harry healed/woke and told them Snape didn't, he even named the spell Snape hit him with.

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Severus fights off Lucius

Dec. 18th, 2014 | 01:00 am
posted by: hecates_kiss in snarryficfind

Okay, I can only remember the starting scene of this story, and it's been bugging me for days. Harry is captured by the Dark Lord, and Voldemort offers Harry as a "prize" to his loyal. Severus is there and they are allowed to fight for the right to go first. Lucius is VERY interested in Harry, but Sev manages to kick Luci's rear. He claims Harry.

He knows the Order is coming, but is unable to delay long enough. I *think* Harry realizes that they both have no choice in the matter and so Severus takes Harry in front of everyone and then the Order shows up and gets Harry the hell out of there.

I know there's a scene further in where Severus confronts Harry with what he did to him. I want to say that Harry isn't *as* rattled as one would suspect him to be, but it's gutting Severus to see him in class, knowing what he's done.

I'm hoping this will ring a bell and I'll feel like an idiot for not knowing the title or author right off.

Found! Absolution by Rushlight

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The potter convent

Dec. 17th, 2014 | 03:46 pm
posted by: bkwrmfisch in snarryficfind

Hey everyone. I'm looking for The Potter Convent by aurora. I'm not entirely sure what it's about. Saw the rec somewhere but the link was broken. I'm not even sure it's Snarry.

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ISO bottom!Snape and/or submissive!Snape

Dec. 16th, 2014 | 02:40 pm
posted by: opheliadecessus in snarryficfind

I've really been in the mood lately for some well written submissive!Snape. I do prefer adult!Harry but I'm open minded to various scenarios. I really enjoy a well developed D/s relationship between our two boys.

I'm also looking for some bottom!Snape, preferably consensual scenarios. I love when Snape has been afraid to admit that he wishes or prefers to bottom.

Also, love kinks like crossdressing too!

Any ideas?


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HP-Fandom down? Never mind, it was maintenance! Phew!!

Dec. 14th, 2014 | 02:40 pm
posted by: soophifyle in snarryficfind

I just tried getting into HP-Fandom and then looked up if it was down, read that it was closing?! And now I think it's officially down. I just donated 15 dollars, is there any chance it will revive?

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Resolved! Lost fic

Dec. 14th, 2014 | 12:59 pm
posted by: soophifyle in snarryficfind

I can't remember the name, but the fic is vivid. I only read the first 10 chapters or so.

Harry was attacked my Draco and Theo in DADA class, and Slytherin lost lots of points, Harry was also coated with a potion together with Snape, he had to be in the infirmary and Snape had to breathe for him and stroked his hair etc.
Draco and Theo didn't go to Azkaban, they were being kept in little rooms in the castle, not having a good life, that's for sure and Harry still had trouble with his lungs.
That's about where I got to.

It was a really good fit, I hope someone can help me find it!!
I can't seem to tag this entry, it won't let me do more than dada
I wanted to add: Nott, Malfoy, Attack, Snarry, punctured lung..

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Goblins, Fairies, and Snarry

Dec. 12th, 2014 | 02:06 pm
posted by: potteread in snarryficfind

It has finally happened; I mistakenly combined fanon with canon. I told a friend that in one of the Goblin Rebellions, the Goblins breached Hogwarts and killed all of the Hufflepuffs. Needless to say, the look on their face was as if I had kissed Filch (both horrified and confused). So I am now looking for whichever fic I had read that from. This would not be a major plot of the fic; just something said in passing.

I'm also looking for a fic I read some time ago, the only thing I can remember is that there were different realms of magical power (maybe 4?). The upper ones were light and Harry could access them. The lower realm was dark magic and Fae. Snape may have accessed the Fae realm.

FIC FOUND: Fifth House

Finally, I would love some Snarry recommendations. I'm looking for fics where Harry is being such a little tease (bending over in class, sucking on a utensil, etc.), but is completely unaware of how he is affecting Snape.

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