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Snarry Fic Find
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Due to spammers annoying us, snarryficfind is now a moderated membership board. If you feel that we have declined your request for a membership unfairly, you can always contact one of the mods. Applicants with empty journals will be declined.

The Detention Master List posts can be found here.

Walking the Plank can be found here On WTP you will find all of the stories previously posted to Detention. (RIP Detention)

Looking for new Snarry? Check the SS/HP Prophet out here

Before you post your search, especially if it is for a specific story (My Man Friday, for example) please check out our tag list. You may find a link to your story there, or several people who may have the story and will gladly send it to you.
tag list

Are you searching for stories by the wonderful rakina? You can request copies of her stories here.

Are you searching for stories by the talented occasusvenustas? You can request copies of her stories here.

Please note, the following authors who have left the fandom have requested that their stories not be shared:
Please do not request copies of these authors stories.

Need a refresher on how to tag your post? Or have a suggestion for a tag? Click here!

Rules for this list:

1. Please tag your posts. No excuses. You don't need to tag for every tiny detail, just pick one or two tags that best suit your search.

2. Please stay on topic. Which is to say, this is a fic search community. Please no personal posts.

3. Please do not post spoilers for your searches. Others may want to read the story you are looking for and you'll steal the authors thunder by revealing the end.

4. This should go without saying, but apparently it does need to be said. The stories that many of these links go to are adult in nature and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. Remember, exposing children to hard core porn is not just ethically wrong, but illegal.

5. We firmly believe that uploading another authors work without permission is wrong. If we see any links to anyone's stories that are posted without permission, the post will be removed. Repeat offenders may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

6. And the most important rule of all.... please leave the authors of the stories love by reviewing.

Looking for other pairings in the Potter fandom, I highly recommend hpstoryfinders.

Looking for Drarry? drarryficfind is a new community that caters to the Drarry pairing.

Looking for other fandoms? There is a great community called fandomishrecs which is a multi fandom rec community. All are welcome.